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Tony Rodrigues


Bonafide Writing helped me with formatting my book. I couldn’t have done without them and their expertise. Great services at the best price!

Joseph Kliner


For the past two years, I did my research on slavery but needed someone to properly write it in such a way that translates to the readers. I came across Bonafide Writing and review their writing samples. I was sold. They completed my book in the decided time. They are great at what they do!

Brad Carsten


Thank you so much Noah for helping me out with my book’s publishing and marketing. I don’t think I could’ve done it without you guys. Looking forward to working with you guys again!

Thomas Pirnie, Jr.


Bonafide Writing has helped me with marketing and promotion. They were a great help. I was kept in the loop the entire time, and I liked that about Bonafide Writing. My prayers are with you, and I hope you keep doing what you do!

Sarah Floods


I loved working with Bonafide Writing. They were very accomodating, professional, and timely. I recommend this website.

Melanie Stephens


First of all, I would say I recommend this website to ever author out there. They are the best out there. Thank you so much Bonafide Writing for helping me out with my book.

T L Furmanski


If you are looking for someone to write your book, Bonafide Writing is the way to go. They are experts at what they do. I have zero regrets!

LaDonna Graber


Great guys, great services. Definitely going to recommend this website and shoutout to Noah who gave me the best buying experience. 10/10!

Richard Mikolitch


The Interim Chef is based on my experiences visiting different restaurants in Manhattan. I wrote my book, but needed publishing and marketing. Noah at Bonafide Writing helped me publish my book in the most professional manner. I don’t have any complains.

D.P Rowell


To say this book was my own achievement, it would be wrong. Bonafide Writing helped me with just the writing I want. I had a wonderful experience with guys at Bonafide Writing. Thank you so much!

Doy Mada


I loved working with Bonafide Writing. They really understood what I wanted, and they were extremely professional in their conduct. Would definitely recommend them!

Derax Man


It’s been quite a while since I completed my book. I needed some assistance regarding the cover of my book. I searched online and Bonafide Writing caught my attention. I talked to their guys and they completely understood my work and send a bunch of covers to choose from. Very affordable and professional!

George Nei


I was having trouble getting the word out for my book. My friend who reviewed my book suggested I contact Bonafide Writing for marketing services. After a few weeks of getting their service, I got a huge influx of orders and likes on my platforms. I’m grateful to Bonafide Writing for helping me out.

Neil Roy McFarlane


I was always into writing children stories ever since I was a teenager. A couple of months ago, I decided to publish the compilation I had of bedtime stories. I got in touch with Bonafide Writing. They were the only one who were willing to accommodate me with formatting, designing, publishing, and marketing. Let me tell you, these guys are the best at what they do!

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I wrote my memoir but I needed an extra opinion. I contacted Bonafide Writing to see If they would be able to help me out. They helped me perfect my manuscript and offered me publishing and marketing deal for the best price I could get. Definitely recommend this service!
Julia Benjamin


I had an idea of a sci-fi novel but didn’t pursue it. My friend told me to connect with writers at Bonafide Writing. Now, I have my own book and it’s doing really well all thanks to these guys.
Guy James


I run a cleaning service and was hoping to go digital. I wanted someone to write my website content but not just ordinary content, something that catches the eyes. I looked at so many samples of different services and only Bonafide Writing was the one who matched what I want. Brilliant service!
Timothy Mark


These guys have helped me a lot in my manuscript. From toning to sentence structure, they were patient and accommodating to the last minute. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Bonafide Writing.
Hannah Smith

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