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If you think audiobooks are not relevant, you are living under a rock. Audiobook is a $4 billion dollar industry. In the digital age, people prefer to listen to books. Convert your book into an audiobook at Bonafide Writing and reach more audience. Live Chat AVAIL 40% OFF +1 315 636 0919
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Rated 9 out of 10 based on 4,453 satisfied customers.

Take the Next Step with Audiobooks at Bonafide Writing!

In this digital age, people prefer to listen to book than reading them. If you are an author or an aspiring writer, you need to have your book on audiobook streaming platforms. At Bonafide Writing, we have a professional studio where we edit, narrate, and produce your audiobook in the right style. Gauge your readers with a stellar audiobook and expand your audience.

Narrate Your Book with Bonafide Writing!

We Give Your Book the Voice It Deserves!

Our Guarantees

Streamlined Process to Ensure Professionalism!

  • Professional Voice-Overs

    We have a team of professional voiceover artists who capture your book’s essence and deliver a grabbing performance for the readers and listeners.

  • Expanded Reach

    Art has no restrictions. With audiobooks, you expand to a bigger audience where your story gets appreciated by passionate readers and listeners.

  • Better Reading Experience

    When you work with Bonafide Writing, you not only get your book converted into an audiobook, but also enhances the experience of readers.

Easy-to-Follow Process!

Contact Us
To start, get in touch with us through our website form or call us directly on the number provided on the website.
Discuss Your Goals
When you connect with our customer representative, discuss your audiobook plan so that we know what you are looking for.
We Write Your Audio Script
Once discussed, we then brief our scriptwriters who then devise a complete audiobook strategy for your book.
You Choose the Voice
We choose the artist based on the nature of the Book, whose selection is based on your approval. Their voice will create a magic that would take the listener into your world, where the listener can live the story firsthand.
Recording Sessions & Approval
Then, we ready our studio where our professional voiceover artists record the script and convert your book into an audiobook. We send the first session to you for approval.
After your approval, we work diligently on your book, constantly sending you sessions for approval. We keep you in the loop all the time. After completion, you get your audiobook.

Have Questions? Ask them Away!

If you have questions regarding anything, feel free to give us a call and discuss with us. We are active round the clock and happy to assist!

Here’s How We Have Helped Our Clients!

Don’t dream of having your own book, make it happen at Bonafide Writing. Hear from our satisfied customers!


I wrote my memoir but I needed an extra opinion. I contacted Bonafide Writing to see If they would be able to help me out. They helped me perfect my manuscript and offered me publishing and marketing deal for the best price I could get. Definitely recommend this service!
Julia Benjamin


I had an idea of a sci-fi novel but didn’t pursue it. My friend told me to connect with writers at Bonafide Writing. Now, I have my own book and it’s doing really well all thanks to these guys.
Guy James


I run a cleaning service and was hoping to go digital. I wanted someone to write my website content but not just ordinary content, something that catches the eyes. I looked at so many samples of different services and only Bonafide Writing was the one who matched what I want. Brilliant service!
Timothy Mark


These guys have helped me a lot in my manuscript. From toning to sentence structure, they were patient and accommodating to the last minute. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Bonafide Writing.
Hannah Smith

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