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Is your book written, edited, formatted, even published? You still need to attract an audience. If your book is not getting the attention it deserves, you are just wasting your legacy as an author. Get book promotion services at Bonafide Writing and boost your sales! Live Chat AVAIL 40% OFF +1 315 636 0919
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Marketing your EBook is as important, if not more, than writing your book. There is really no point in writing and completing your book if there are no readers to read it. Your genius needs recognition, and at Bonafide Writing, we help you with that. As one of the leading book promotion companies, we have professional book marketers, and promoters who campaign your book on social platforms, ensuring your book gets the eyes it deserves. Advertising a book is not easy, let us do it for you!

Promote Your Book!

Boost Excitement Around Your Book with Bonafide Writing!

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Multifaceted Promotional Campaigns to Increase Your Book Sales!

  • Professional Marketers

    Your book deserves all the attention it can get. At Bonafide Writing, we connect with you industry-experienced marketers who are well-versed in the art of book marketing and promotion.

  • Digital Domination

    The world is digital, and so should be your approach. Our book marketers ensure your book has a solid footprint in the digital social realm.

  • Personalized Approach

    We work according to your promotional needs. We are more than happy to suggest the different ways you can market your book with us, but we understand individual needs and respect them.

Our Process!

Connect With Us
To start, talk to one of our customer representatives. You can start by filling out the website form or by calling us on our number directly.
Discuss Your Needs
Next, let us know what you are looking for. We do media outreach, social media promotion (including organic & inorganic PPC campaigns), video trailers, and more. It’s your call.
Strategic Planning
When you confirm your requirements, our book marketers devise a potent promotional strategy based entirely on the contents and genre of your book.
We then start the implementation process. Our marketers work day and night into promoting your book on several social platforms, increasing visibility, and excitement around your book.

Promote Your Book with Bonafide Writing!

Marketing an EBook is a tall task. Looking to increase your book sales? Want to discuss a ROI-focused approach? Give us a call today and start the process!

Here’s How We Have Helped Our Clients!

Don’t dream of having your own book, make it happen at Bonafide Writing. Hear from our satisfied customers!


I wrote my memoir but I needed an extra opinion. I contacted Bonafide Writing to see If they would be able to help me out. They helped me perfect my manuscript and offered me publishing and marketing deal for the best price I could get. Definitely recommend this service!
Julia Benjamin


I had an idea of a sci-fi novel but didn’t pursue it. My friend told me to connect with writers at Bonafide Writing. Now, I have my own book and it’s doing really well all thanks to these guys.
Guy James


I run a cleaning service and was hoping to go digital. I wanted someone to write my website content but not just ordinary content, something that catches the eyes. I looked at so many samples of different services and only Bonafide Writing was the one who matched what I want. Brilliant service!
Timothy Mark


These guys have helped me a lot in my manuscript. From toning to sentence structure, they were patient and accommodating to the last minute. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Bonafide Writing.
Hannah Smith

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